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Returning Candidate


Meet Kalymba

Kalymba O'Neal

About Me

I am Kalymba O'Neal, and I have lived in Brookline for 17. Last summer, I married Donelle O'Neal, Sr. and moved from 22 High Street to Village Way.

We now have 4 kids, plus 2 dogs, 1 cat and 1 hamster!


I have been busy with planning for Juneteenth and MLK day as well as work with the Black 'N Brown club.

"My biggest concerns are BHA housing issues: security problems, vermin infestations, asbestos in tiles - the quality of the living conditions is very poor."

Where to Find Me

I live at 68 Village Way.

You can email me at:

You can call me at

You can find me tending to our mini-zoo!

"I want to see our neighborhood receive some direct benefits from the new development planned for 10 Brookline Place and the Boylston Street corridor since we have been and will continue to have to cope with years of construction. I am also very concerned about education quality in the schools and equitable access to affordable childcare."



New Candidate


Meet Kalymba

Awet Teame

About Me

I am Awet Teame. I was born in Eritrea, grew up in Mission Hill, and I have been a Brookline resident for 3 years.

My roommate is Isaiah Plovnick!

Professionally, I have worked as a stand-up comedian, voice-over artist, actress, radio personality, writer, and Uber driver.

Most recently, I had a small part in Dexter: New Blood, Season 2!!

"Inclusionary zoning, tax incentives, public and public-private development partnerships, community land trusts, and creativity will all be needed to increase affordable housing in Brookline"

Where to Find Me

I live at 263 Walnut Street, Apt 2

You can email me at:

You can call me at

I love to bike and walk all over town, if you see me, say "Hi!"

"As a biker rider, I understand the bravery it takes to ride on the dangerous streets of Boston. Despite the inherent risks, I appreciate the efforts made by the Town of Brookline to add specific bus and bike lanes, which have already helped make the roads safer for all users. I look forward to participating in efforts to improve the overall safety of the environment for cyclists and pedestrians."




May 2, 2023

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